how they react when the baby kicks for the first time?


im gonna do 4/4 bc i literally live for dad!5sos no one understands the pain as well as i do i need a moment

also im not even sorry for how long these are bye


luke and you would be around the boys so much during your pregnancy, not only because they were touring, but because they kind of embodied the roll as uncle to the next level. you couldn’t remember the last time it was just you and luke, other than sleeping arrangements. you were all huddled around the dining table, the boys eating pizza whuile you ate something a little more baby-friendly. As you were about to take your third bite, you felt a sharp pressure in your abdomen. thinking nothing of it, you kept eating, until it cam back harder. “oh.” you dropped your fork on your plate and placed your hand on your stomach. when you identified it as the baby, you alerted luke. he was chatting with the boys, whipping his mouth on a napkin, listening to ashton recount a story of how a fan had given him a box of condoms at the meet and greet they had had earlier that week. “luke,” you’d have said, and he would turn towards you slowly, not really expecting anything major, maybe for him to help you up. It was when he noticed your wide eyes and agape mouth that he took it more seriously and turn his whole body towards you. “The baby’s kicking.” His own eyes would widen and he would quickly place his hands on your growing bump. he would wait a minute before the baby finally kicked again, and then he would look at you again, tears brimming his eyes because holy shit, he made that. the rest of the boys would turn their heads to you both after a moment, not really noticing luke’s absense until after. they would quickly take in the scene, luke’s hand on your stomach with both of you smiling, and it would get really quiet in the room. it would be when calum broke the silence and said something like “can i feel?” that you guys would get out of your bubble. you would nod, and luke would hesitantly agree, and the rest of the boys would take turns feeling your stomach.

with micheal it would be very different. like, he would think that you were kidding when you said that you were pregnant, and now BOOM, you’re already at sixteen weeks. your stomach had grown a lot in the four months you’d been pregnant, but you had still been on the small side. which is why it surprised you so much that your baby had been kicking so soon (although you knew that some women feel the baby at thirteen weeks, on the rariety. but still, you both felt like the teenagers waiting for the home pregnancy test to decide whether or not your lives would change drastically). you would have been cooking something in the kitchen when micheal came in and wrapped his arms around you, putting his head on your shoulder as you stirred the food that was in the pot and he said “smells good” and you’d put your hands over his on your stomach and say something like “baby thinks so too” (because you had been having problems with morning sickness, which was actually all-the-time sickness) and micheal would say “im glad that-” and then he’d feel the baby kick against the center of his palm he would kind of just be like woah, and then be like “did you?-” “yeah, i did.” you’d say, still sounding amazed because that’s the first time it happened and you both can’t believe it

ashton is pretty much the keek king so when you would be in your bedroom ashton would be making a keek, him sitting up on the edge of the bed while he talked about band stuff and you’d be on your phone or reading. you would be kind of visible through the tiny space that ashton didn’t take up in the screen. you’d smile to yourself as you listened to hjim talk so passionately about what he loved doing the most and you’d keep quiet until he was almost done, but then you felt the kick in your stomach. you had quickly called him over and set down your book, and he’d have been like “one second.” but you would have said “you’re not going to want to miss this, ash, seriously.” and you don’t know what it is but there’s something in your voice that makes ashton believe you 100% and he’s still filming when he turns around and sees you sitting up and he raises an eyebrow at you as you take his free hand and place it on your bump where the baby is kicking so much and ashton just looks at you in awe and as he takes his hand off there’s a little foot print, so he directs the camera to the spot and says something like “that’s my baby’s foot!!!!” and then he posts the keek on the band account and tweets it, saying that there’s a special surprise in it and pretty much everyone in the fandom is just like awe omg ashton u cutie gettin all excited over a fuckin foot

so calum would have dragged you to one of the shows in the aussie tour because, although your doctor said it was okay for you to travel, he was still afraid that you would just give birth at any given moment (despite the fact that you still have a little more than half of your pregnancy left to do) so you would be in adelaide or sydney (ha thats my name bye) anyway and he would get you all set up backstage on the side so that you could watch and he’d get a chair there as well and get people to make sure you’re safe and stuff and it would be soundcheck when you started feeling the baby kick and you’d kind of just be in a daze, just poking your stomach in different places and watching the baby kick those spots after and someone would call your name and you’d look up and your mind would kidna go back to earth and you’d be like CaLuM so you would actually run onto the stage (and there would be a few girls in the stands who had paid for soundcheck) and you’d just grab calum’s hands because he still ahnd’t realized that you were there and he was still playing so you’d basically shove them on your stomach and he’d be like “Y/N?????” and then he would feel the kick and his heart would just melt and his eyes would go soft and he’d just get this wide smile on his face like a lil puppy and then when ashton or luke or micheal would cough into their mikes like “excuse me but we were practicing” you would realise that you’ve completely intruded and you’re like “oh my god sorry!!” and then you’d get off the stage so quickly (as fast as you could, being pregnant and all) and you’d hear the boys talking about that and hear calum explaining that he had felt the baby kick for the first time and he’d say it so fuckign happily and cutely and the girls in the crowd would awe and he basically couldn’t stop smiling. he’d even say it during the actual concert like “so, today i felt the baby kick for the first time, and it was awesome. Anyway, here’s Long Way Home.” and then when he would come off the stage, and head traight for you and put his hands right on your stomach and the boys would follow and they’d all take turns feeling the baby kick awe (◕ω◕✿)

calum’s was like two years long jesus




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